Monday, 21 September 2015

Collective Lush Haul

Recently I seem to have collected quite a few lush products- just in time for the cold weather to start kicking in! So today I thought I'd share what I've got with you and let you know my opinion. WARNING- a lot of pink is featured in this post!!

1. Rose Jam Bubbleroon:

This is possibly the prettiest bubble bar I've ever seen! Pink and glittery, what more could you want! It has a very strong rose scent as you'd expect from the name. Normally I don't like rose scented things however I couldn't resist this! I haven't used it yet but I'm thinking I can get two baths out of it and I honestly can't wait. I really hope the bubbleroons aren't a temporary addition to the Lush line because I love the concept!!

2. Creamy Candy Bubble Bar:

Creamy Candy is a classic for me. It smells sickly sweet which is what I tend to look for in any bath product. Just like all bubble bars, this product is so moisturising which I definitely need at this time of year. Oh and the best thing- it turns you're bath a luminous pink topped of with loads of bubbles :)

3. The Comforter Bubble Bar:

Now this one is my mum's personal favourite. I do think this is great value for money because you can get quite a few baths from The Comforter. The smell is like a muted sherbet in my opinion (if that's a thing), but Lush claims it has a blackcurrant fragrance... And again it gives you really soft skin, turns your bath pink and creates hundreds of bubbles!

4. Twilight Bath Bomb:

My brothers girlfriend bought me this in the Cosmic Gift Box. I'd never tried this before so was very excited. It has quite a strong lavender scent- again not my first choice of scent but I found it so calming. When you drop it into the water an array of blue, pink and purple burst out along with lots of glitter, which is definitely a selling point!

5. Rock Star Soap:

This also came in the Cosmic Box along with the Twilight Bath Bomb. I haven't got round to using this yet as I'm saving it, so I can't comment much. It smells very sweet and vanillary so I have high hopes. Even just from picking it up out of the box it feels very creamy, so fingers crossed it won't dry my hands out ahah!

And that is everything I've got recently. Most of these products are repurchases and my favourite products from Lush, but I've noticed they've been releasing loads of new items so I look forward to picking up some more new bits soon.
Thanks for reading xxx

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