Saturday, 13 September 2014

Back To School Haul

Unfortunately it's that time of year again! Yes we've all returned to school :'( However one positive thing comes around about now, and that is of course stationary shopping!!! I'm one of those sad people that get far to excited about popping into WHSmith's to stock up of pens, pencils, folders etc. so I thought I'd share what I bought this year.

Now most schools went back a couple of weeks ago so chances are you've already purchased the contents of your pencil case, but I thought I'd share anyway!!

Probably my favourite purchase was these weekday magnets. They are really cute and as I'm trying to be super organised this year they are actually really useful. I've been using them to hold homework and divide up my whiteboard. That way I can decide what homework I need to do on what day so I stay on track of everything really easily.

Another fun item is the little post-it notes! they say 'ON TEST', 'STUDY' and 'TO DO'. I've been placing these in my folders on sheets I want to draw my attention to later on. I have a feeling as the year goes on I may forget to use them, but oh well! Either way I'm sure they come in hand for revision!

Obviously I had to stock up on the basics as well as the 'exciting' bits and bobs. I think the first thing I picked up was a packet of 9 HB pencils, they're just WHSmith's own brand and were really cheap. Who needs to invest in pencils- unless you are studying art ;)

I also bought some pink scissors (am I the only person who loses scissors really easily?), a pink sharpener and rubber combined and a folding 30cm ruler.

These BIC pens came in a packet of ten, with 4 blue, 2 black, 2 green and 2 red. I tend to write in blue pen so this was perfect for me!

Because I'll be doing most of my work in folders my mum insisted I get some hole re-inforcers. I'd actually never heard of these before and I'm not convinced I'm really going to end up using them, but I'll do anything to keep the mother happy ;)

The weekly planner notepad is already being put to good use. You may wonder why I need this and the day magnets but I feel like I can write everything going on in my life on here, not just homework (everything includes when I'm going to write blog posts!)

And to complete my pencil case I bought a packet of 5 mini highlighters as I always find myself highlighting key words and whole sections of work!

Like I've already said, this year most of my work will be done in folders which I haven't had before. therefore it was necessary for me to buy a new folder for each subject. There was a 3 for 2 on folders, which is soooo frustrating seeing as I take four subjects!

To fill up my folders I've got a A4 lined refill pad in each (again on 3 for 2), some dividers and some poly pockets.

At my new school I have to wear a blazer so I needed to get a slightly bigger coat to fit over the top of this. I LOVE my new coat!! I got it from Miss Selfridge for £69, available here. I do have to thank my parents for this as it was a little gift from them <3


So that's everything I bought before I went back to school. I didn't really need a new bag or pencil case because mine from last year are still in fairly good condition, and to be honest I think I spent plenty on the stationary alone! I hope you're all enjoying being back at school as much as you can, ad if you're not at school I hope you liked seeing my school goodies!
Thanks for reading xxx


  1. You purchased some super cute school supplies! I miss that part about going back to school.

    Would love if you check out my blog
    Raincouver Beauty

    1. I know, it's literally the only thing I look forward to!! Your blog looks great! xxx