Tuesday, 2 September 2014

A Week By The Sea

I spent last week with my family in Bournemouth. This summer has been jam packed so this was my first opportunity for a holiday, even though my parents went to Spain without me- not that I'm complaining ;)

My family are lucky that we have a timeshare apartment literally opposite the beach, so we've visited Bournemouth every year for as long as I can remember. It's a home away from home.

We drove down Saturday afternoon and enjoyed fish and chips for dinner. Then myself and my friend Hannah wandered down to the beach for a photography session...

Now in Bournemouth it's tradition to play at least one round of crazy golf. My family is super competitive so it's not exactly a relaxing experience! I'm not the best at crazy golf, my brother however excels at most sports and crazy golf isn't an exception. What was a nice surprise was that he came third, topped of with the fact that he was beaten by his girlfriend and Hannah!

Another tradition we love to follow is that we enjoy a drink and cake at the café opposite the golf course while the scores are being totted up! I went for the cream tea minus the tea, I opted for a Victorian Lemonade instead.

The week included a LOT of walking. What made all that walking more interesting was the new gym equipment dotted along the beach. Now I say new but I don't know how long it's actually been there, it's just new since I last visited. I gave all of it my best go however I found climbing all over it was more exciting!

For so many years now my parents have considered getting me and my brother surfing lessons but we've just never got round to it. Until this year! I'd love to say I'm the ultimate beach babe, but that would be an absolute lie. I did manage to stand up on my board for a brief second, however once again it was my brother who was most successful as you can see in the picture. I definitely plan to go surfing again because it was great fun even though I admittedly was pathetic!

The highlight of the week was the Bournemouth Air festival. Every year we are there for at least a couple of days of the festival and I adore it! Personally I don't think I can fully appreciate the actual plane displays, but the overall atmosphere is fab. The length of the beach is packed with various stalls and rides etc. In the picture below you can see how good the turn out is, and that's only a tiny section of the crowd!

The whole festival is very military focused, with a RAF, Navy and Army Village. My favourite land display was the Marines showing off their skills! My favourite air display could be controversial... The Black Cats. They are the Royal Navy Helicopter Display Team. I honestly don't know why I liked them so much but their synchronisation was spot on and I can only imagine how difficult that would be in a helicopter! A close second was of course The Red Arrows. Many of you will know The Red Arrows are the Royal Air Force Acrobatics Display Team. They are well known for their precise formations and red, white and blue smoke. Could you get anymore patriotic?!

The Red Arrows Phoenix Formation

I got up to so much other stuff during the week but here were just some of the highlights! Bournemouth is probably my favourite place ever and I love it so much! I'd recommend anyone to visit, particularly for the Air Festival. Let me know in the comments if you've ever been to

Thanks for reading xxx

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