Friday, 11 July 2014

Party Fit For A Princess!

As I mentioned in my last post, on Saturday I went to my friend Sara's surprise birthday party. It had a Disney Princess theme and was wonderfully organised by my friends Ellen and Tara. They designated everyone princesses to come as and I was Cinderella. They know I was gutted not to be Belle but it's a bit of a touchy subject ;)

Sara's reaction was amazing! Despite the banner she didn't realise we were surprising her! Possibly the funniest reaction there has ever been to a surprise party.

I thought the banner was pretty obvious!

One surprised Sara!

We celebrated with balloons, musical bumps and pass the parcel! Unfortunately I had to leave early so I missed the cake but it was a beautiful castle made by Ellen and Tara...they are clever clogs!

I think you'll be impressed by everyone's costumes! First up the birthday girl herself...

Sara as Princess Jasmine

I was Cinderella



Queen Elsa




As you can see we had a great time and I think Sara really enjoyed herself! This was a rather early birthday party for Sara as she is actually away for her birthday so I hope she has a fabulous 16th!!! I love you Sara xx

P.S. I know this post is a little early but I'm off on my Silver Duke of Edinburgh expedition this weekend and I wanted to make sure it was up before I leave! Hopefully next week I'll write about my expedition...comment if you want to hear about it!!


  1. Nice post,dear!Really like it:)
    Keep in touch xx

  2. I love your blog so have nominated you for The Liebster Award! Have a look at my last post for the details!:)xx

    1. Wow this looks great! Thank you so much! About to start writing my post...:) xx