Monday, 29 December 2014

What I Got For Christmas 2014

I hope you all had an amazing Christmas whatever you were doing and whoever you were with! I had a lovely day spent with family, and I can truly say I was spoilt! So today I thought I'd show you some of the gifts I got. (And as always...this isn't to show off etc. I love reading these posts and I thought you might like to see!!)

I'd been wanting some more makeup brushes for ages and was so happy when I opened these Real Techniques brushes. They're my favourite brushes by a mile and as you can see I've already got some use out of them! I got the Core Collection (base brushes) and the Starter Set (eye brushes).

These snuggly slippers are from M&S. My slippers were at the end of their life to be honest and my mum couldn't wait for me to get some new ones!! I love how soft these are and the mink colour of them is just gorgeous!

My lovely brothers bought me the Frozen soundtrack- I think it's a hint that they'd rather hear 'Let It Go' sung in tune ;). As well as this I got Zoella's book 'Girl Online' and I've actually already finished it! It was a really easy read, perfect for Christmas. This may be a bit controversial but I didn't think it was the best book, but I really liked the themes and issues the plot followed as they were really relatable. And I was also treated to the Naked Basics 2 palette! Now I think my mum gave them some help with this one because it was on my wishlist... All of the shadows are gorgeous with 5 matte and one satin. I like the cool tones in the palette because I don't actually have that many cool toned shadows in my collection. I'm certain I'll continue to get a lot of use out of it!

Sugarglam Fairies Contents

I got the Benefit gift set 'Sugarglam Fairies' which I luurve!! Now this couldn't have come at a getter time seeing as I've just finished a sample of the Porefessional and have recently hit pan on my own Hoola Bronzer. I love the They're Real Mascara and personally I haven't actually had any trouble removing it! I haven't got round to trying the Benetint yet but I like that it's just a sample because I wouldn't want the full size without trying it first because I imagine it will take a while to use up this product. Have any of you tried the Benetint?

My grandparents bought me this gorgeous Pandora charm for my bracelet. This is perfect because I think the block of pink will break up the all the silver! Also I like that I got this rather than a specifically Christmas charm because it fits in nicely with the other charms on my bracelet.

I got the They're Real Push-up Liner which is actually so nice! At first I wasn't convinced I'd like this liner because it's had such mixed reviews but I've fallen in love with it. It is sooooo black and I've found it so simple to apply- and similarly to the mascara I haven't found it too tricky to remove. Also I got the Estee Lauder Lipstick in Brazen which is a stunning dark, brown-toned red. It is definitely an evening lipstick because it is so dark but it feels unbelievably luxurious with the chic packaging and magnetic lid- yes, magnetic!!

My lovely faux leather jacket was from River Island. I have wanted one for so long because I think it's a great staple. I like the quilted cuffs and gold zip detail. Initially I wasn't sure about the faux fur collar but it has grown on me, particularly during the winter months. It is removable so I think I'll remove it for the spring and summer.

And finally I got these cute fairy lights! I've draped them on my head board and they fit in with my bedroom beautifully because they have pink and white beads entwined with them which makes them 10x prettier than my standard fairy lights!!

That's most of the main presents I got. I also got lots of sweets, chocolates, socks etc. but most of these have been eaten by now (not the socks of course!). I just wanted to say how grateful I am for everything I was given and didn't expect to be this lucky. I hope you all got lots of lovely gifts too and enjoyed Christmas 2014. I'll see you in the New Year, bring on 2015!!

Thanks for reading xxx

Wednesday, 24 December 2014

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas...

Happy Christmas Eve! Tomorrow is the big day, and although I didn't think I would be, I'm actually ready! I've finished work until the new year, all of my presents are wrapped, my nails are painted, I've had a lovely lush bubble bath, enjoyed a little fish and chip dinner, and am now sat in bed with my laptop having a Gossip Girl sesh...bliss :)

Tomorrow I will wake up nice and early with my brothers and drag my parents down stairs to see what 'Santa' has brought, it never gets old! I haven't been feeling that Christmassy until today and now I honestly can't wait to wake up tomorrow.

I want to wish you all a very merry Christmas, I hope you have a lovely day whatever you're doing.

Goodnight. Thanks for reading xxx

Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Making a Gingerbread Village!

I spent my afternoon today constructing a gingerbread village! My mum bought me this John Lewis Build Your Own Gingerbread Village kit in mid November and I have been so patient to wait until today to crack it open. I had a similar kit last year and it was so much fun, this year it didn't disappoint...

Contents of the kit

Time to decorate!

So that's what my finished village looked like, topped of with my hand-made Santa and a few extra sprinkles! n afternoon well spent I think :)

Thanks for reading xxx

Monday, 22 December 2014

Christmas Cupcakes

Recently I made some very festive chocolate orange cupcakes. I was inspired to make them by a picture I stumbled across on Pintrest and pinned it onto my Christmas Board. Unlike most of the things I pin, I actually got round to making these and I was surprisingly happy with how they turned out!
For this recipe you will need:
-100g Caster Sugar
-75g Self-Raising Flour
-100g Softened Butter
-25g Cocoa Powder
-2 Large Eggs
-1tsp of Baking Powder
-Zest of 1 Orange
These cakes are so easy to make as you literally add all the ingredients into a bowl, and beat them together until you get a smooth mixture. I chose to add in the orange zest last so I could tell if
it was mixed throughout the cake.


I then placed a good teaspoon and a half of the mixture into these Christmassy cake cases. My cakes took 15 minutes to cook in my fan oven heated at 180 °C. To check if they're cooked I poke my cakes using my finger. If they spring back they're done, if my finger leaves a dent they need a bit longer. Once they're nicely baked you need to lift them onto a cooling rack.

For the icing you will need:
-350g Icing Sugar
-175g Softened Butter
-3 tbsp. Hot Water mixed with 2 tbsp. Cocoa Powder
-Juice of 1 Orange
-1 Chocolate Orange

Gradually add the icing sugar to the butter and mix them together- I find this easiest with a fork. Once you've added all of the icing sugar and have made your butter icing, mix in the chocolate mixture and add the orange juice until you're happy with the flavour.

To complete the cupcakes spoon the butter icing onto the cool cake (you could pipe it). And finally place a chocolate orange segment on top!

Thanks for reading xxx

Sunday, 21 December 2014

A Festive Room Tour

For today's Christmassy post I thought I'd do an updated room tour, showing you all the Christmas decorations I have in my bedroom.


I got these teddy decorations from Harrods when I was 9 during my very first visit to Harrods! They're so sweet and I hang them up around my room every Christmas. They originally came in a set of four but I can't find the fourth! I suspect my cat has pinched it as he can't help but throw himself at them ;) The snowflake was also from Harrods during my first visit. I just LOVE how glittery it is!!

My little pink tree was from Sainsbury's a few years ago and it just sits on my desk. All of the decorations were from Poundland I think, because to be honest I don't take this tree to seriously- it's just a bit of fun!!

My snowflake blanket was from Primark and I think it was only £4.50!! It is unbelievably snuggly and I really like how well the grey goes with my dusty pink bedroom. I honestly think I will use this blanket all year round because it looks nice and is oh so practical :)

I'm not entirely sure what I should call this little Santa decoration? My Granny bought it for me when I was quite little from a local garden centre, and it just adds a bit of festivity to my bedside table.

My grumpy looking teddy bear is from a little village gift shop in the French Alps where I go skiing. He is far too cute in my opinion with his little Christmas hoodie! And he is accompanied by a Christmas hot water bottle. This pair sit on the armchair in the corner of my room.

I have strung up this string of star beads along my windowsill with blutack. I think they are very subtle and pretty. My mum gave these to me years ago and I have no clue where they were from, but I'm sure you can get similar things anywhere!

I am very lucky and this year I've been spoilt with two advent calendars!! The pink felt one I've used for as long as I can remember and my mum fills up all the little pouches with chocolates. The other is a Frozen one she bought me from Marks and Spencer! And like most of you I'm sure, I open my calendars as soon as I wake up in the morning!

So that is all the Christmassy things I have in my room. It's only four more sleeps now and I literally can't wait for the big day to arrive!

Thanks for reading xxx

Saturday, 20 December 2014

Christmas Wrapping

The other day I tackled most of my Christmas wrapping in time to give my friends their pressies on the last day of school. This year I decided to make my presents look really pretty so I went for a old fashioned rustic look that has been so popular over the last couple of years. In Tiger I found some plain brown wrapping paper, various ribbons (I went for red), brown string, some stick on bows and some gold star tags. There was loads of wrapping gear in there but these are just the things I picked up. I'd also recommend popping in there to pick up some stocking fillers!

Anyway I was really happy with how my wrapping turned out so I thought I'd take some photos...


Thanks for reading xxx

Friday, 19 December 2014

The Christmas Tag

I feel like I can now properly get in the swing of Christmas because I've broken up from school! I was excited before but things have just reached a whole new level! To celebrate the run up to the big day (6 sleeps!!!) I'm going to attempt to do a festive post every day leading up to it- no promises!! So to start of this Christmas series I thought I'd do the Christmas Tag...
1. What is your favourite Christmas Movie?
I've always loved The Grinch since I was little, it's a classic! More recently I haven't been able to resist from watching Nativity since it was released a couple of years ago. It's so funny and puts me in the Christmas mood instantly!
2. Do you open your presents on Christmas Eve or Christmas morning?
Christmas morning always. Preferably as early as possible, I can never contain my excitement!
3. Do you have a favourite Christmas memory?
I don't really have a specific memory but I'm lucky enough to go skiing every year with my family and family friends. Most years we actually are in the French Alps for Christmas Day. Most people would probably hate this as we wouldn't get to see our family but I always loved it. We'd open presents first thing in the morning, then we'd go out skiing for a few hours. We'd come home get dressed up and enjoy our Christmas dinner and play board games long into the evening. For us it was perfect because our family friends are like family to us. Last year was the first year my family had Christmas in England for a while and to be honest it felt quite odd!
4. Favourite festive food?
For me when the Celebrations box is whipped out Christmas really begins ;)

5. Favourite Christmas gift?
I was obsessed with Polly Pockets when I was younger. Every Christmas I'd circle everything Polly Pocket related in the Argos catalogue and write them on my list for Santa. One year I actually got four sets of Polly Pocket and set up a little town in the middle of my living room! It was insane! A while ago my mum told me I only got all four sets because they were on special offer, but hey I'm not complaining :')

6. Favourite Christmas scent?
I love the smell of the fire in my living room burning. It's not specifically Christmassy because my dad refuses to turn the heating on but it always reminds me of Christmas time.

7. Do you have any Christmas Eve traditions?
As I've already said, for so many years I actually spent Christmas Eve as well as Christmas Day in the French Alps skiing. When we were there we'd ski during the day and go out for a big meal in the evening, as in France they actually make a bigger deal of Christmas Eve than they do Christmas day. However at home we don't really have any traditions. Last minute wrapping, maybe a Christmas film and mum stressing out probably!

8. What tops your tree?
We have a white angel. She's really old now but still looks beautiful. The only thing that bothers me is that the other decorations are all red and gold so she doesn't really fit in but my mum refuses to replace her because she's always been our tree topper.

9. As a kid what was the one (crazy, wild, extravagant) gift you always asked for but never received?
A horse. Even before I began horse riding lessons I always wanted a pony. To be honest I'm still asking for one!

10. What's the best part about Christmas for you?
Now I know here I'm really meant to say spending time with my friends and family, and that is great, but honestly the best bit is of course the Christmas dinner! Nothing is better than my mums roast potatoes, and I personally feel like I look forward to having pigs in blankets all year. And no roast is complete without some fave!!

So that is my Christmas Tag done, I tag Becca Lou!

Thanks for reading xxx