Monday, 22 December 2014

Christmas Cupcakes

Recently I made some very festive chocolate orange cupcakes. I was inspired to make them by a picture I stumbled across on Pintrest and pinned it onto my Christmas Board. Unlike most of the things I pin, I actually got round to making these and I was surprisingly happy with how they turned out!
For this recipe you will need:
-100g Caster Sugar
-75g Self-Raising Flour
-100g Softened Butter
-25g Cocoa Powder
-2 Large Eggs
-1tsp of Baking Powder
-Zest of 1 Orange
These cakes are so easy to make as you literally add all the ingredients into a bowl, and beat them together until you get a smooth mixture. I chose to add in the orange zest last so I could tell if
it was mixed throughout the cake.


I then placed a good teaspoon and a half of the mixture into these Christmassy cake cases. My cakes took 15 minutes to cook in my fan oven heated at 180 °C. To check if they're cooked I poke my cakes using my finger. If they spring back they're done, if my finger leaves a dent they need a bit longer. Once they're nicely baked you need to lift them onto a cooling rack.

For the icing you will need:
-350g Icing Sugar
-175g Softened Butter
-3 tbsp. Hot Water mixed with 2 tbsp. Cocoa Powder
-Juice of 1 Orange
-1 Chocolate Orange

Gradually add the icing sugar to the butter and mix them together- I find this easiest with a fork. Once you've added all of the icing sugar and have made your butter icing, mix in the chocolate mixture and add the orange juice until you're happy with the flavour.

To complete the cupcakes spoon the butter icing onto the cool cake (you could pipe it). And finally place a chocolate orange segment on top!

Thanks for reading xxx

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