Saturday, 28 June 2014

My Leavers Day and Prom!

On Thursday I had my Leavers Day and Year 11 Prom. After lots of preparation it had finally arrived! So first we had our Leavers assembly...

After much deliberation over whether to wear uniform (we were told we weren't allowed to) we ended up at school in our uniform. The assembly consisted of teachers making little speeches about how we've change and that we're the best year etc. The highlight however was each form group making a small presentation of anything they wanted. For my form there was a video of pictures of us throughout the years, followed by our favourite dance of Tilly's to Single Ladies! I think she definitely stole the show.

After all of the presentations we were given a short amount of time to sign each other shirts. I got some lovely messages on mine, but we weren't given enough time to do this seeing as there are 240 girls in my year!

Once we'd left school it was a rush to get to our group nail appointment followed by individual hair/makeup appointments. I had my hair done at my normal hairdressers where I was lucky enough to have the salon all to myself! I decided I simply wanted my hair down with loose curls...topped off with loads of hairspray! Those curls weren't going anywhere!
All of my friends were getting ready at my house so I got home and people started arriving. It was manic making sure everyone had enough space to do their makeup and get into their dresses but somehow we managed. I opted for quite natural makeup with a bronze smokey eye and plenty of bronzer.

Once everyone was ready our proud parents were waiting in my garden to take our photos. These are the photos my mum took and bare in mind this was her first time using my camera...


We travelled in style in a vintage bus. It was so old it had a sign saying 'smokers please sit at the back'

After seeing everyone looking beautiful, enjoying 'mocktails' and having something to eat we danced the night away until many of us struggled to walk! I didn't actually take many pictures at prom as I only had my phone rather than my camera.

It was such a lovely day and as I'm not returning to the same school next year it was a great way to remember everyone that I probably won't have a chance to see again!

Saturday, 21 June 2014

A Trip To Box Hill

On the day of my last exam my friends and I made a spontaneous trip to Box Hill. As we don't live too far away from Box Hill we decided it would be a good idea to go for a picnic.

After a manic time getting our train tickets we arrived and wandered up to a quiet spot where we set up camp.

The Stepping Stones

Our picnic

After we had stuffed ourselves with delicious treats, we ventured a little further and found a rope swing...

Unfortunately I didn't bring my bikini so I wasn't too keen to have a go, however it looked like so much fun! We plan to go again and I will definitely have my bikini at the ready!

The Rope Swing

I loved being able to explore an area I've been to before and finding surprises like the rope swing that I've never seen. I can't wait to visit Box Hill again but I think we'll have to wait until the sun returns!

Saturday, 14 June 2014

Welcome to Just Jen!

Welcome to my new blog 'Just Jen'. I’ve been thinking about starting a blog for quite a while now but have always put of the idea. But considering I sat my final GCSE exam yesterday I decided I might as well give it a go?
 If you’re wondering my exam was maths... What a good way to end, eh?

Considering that was my last exam, I’m now officially on my 12 week summer holiday before I begin my A Levels in September. I have loads of exciting things coming up this summer with my friends and family and I’d love to be able to remember it using this blog.

On this little space of my own I’m going to post little snippets of what I’m up to/loving, as often as possible, so be sure to stay tuned!!

See you soon

Love Jen x
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