Monday, 29 December 2014

What I Got For Christmas 2014

I hope you all had an amazing Christmas whatever you were doing and whoever you were with! I had a lovely day spent with family, and I can truly say I was spoilt! So today I thought I'd show you some of the gifts I got. (And as always...this isn't to show off etc. I love reading these posts and I thought you might like to see!!)

I'd been wanting some more makeup brushes for ages and was so happy when I opened these Real Techniques brushes. They're my favourite brushes by a mile and as you can see I've already got some use out of them! I got the Core Collection (base brushes) and the Starter Set (eye brushes).

These snuggly slippers are from M&S. My slippers were at the end of their life to be honest and my mum couldn't wait for me to get some new ones!! I love how soft these are and the mink colour of them is just gorgeous!

My lovely brothers bought me the Frozen soundtrack- I think it's a hint that they'd rather hear 'Let It Go' sung in tune ;). As well as this I got Zoella's book 'Girl Online' and I've actually already finished it! It was a really easy read, perfect for Christmas. This may be a bit controversial but I didn't think it was the best book, but I really liked the themes and issues the plot followed as they were really relatable. And I was also treated to the Naked Basics 2 palette! Now I think my mum gave them some help with this one because it was on my wishlist... All of the shadows are gorgeous with 5 matte and one satin. I like the cool tones in the palette because I don't actually have that many cool toned shadows in my collection. I'm certain I'll continue to get a lot of use out of it!

Sugarglam Fairies Contents

I got the Benefit gift set 'Sugarglam Fairies' which I luurve!! Now this couldn't have come at a getter time seeing as I've just finished a sample of the Porefessional and have recently hit pan on my own Hoola Bronzer. I love the They're Real Mascara and personally I haven't actually had any trouble removing it! I haven't got round to trying the Benetint yet but I like that it's just a sample because I wouldn't want the full size without trying it first because I imagine it will take a while to use up this product. Have any of you tried the Benetint?

My grandparents bought me this gorgeous Pandora charm for my bracelet. This is perfect because I think the block of pink will break up the all the silver! Also I like that I got this rather than a specifically Christmas charm because it fits in nicely with the other charms on my bracelet.

I got the They're Real Push-up Liner which is actually so nice! At first I wasn't convinced I'd like this liner because it's had such mixed reviews but I've fallen in love with it. It is sooooo black and I've found it so simple to apply- and similarly to the mascara I haven't found it too tricky to remove. Also I got the Estee Lauder Lipstick in Brazen which is a stunning dark, brown-toned red. It is definitely an evening lipstick because it is so dark but it feels unbelievably luxurious with the chic packaging and magnetic lid- yes, magnetic!!

My lovely faux leather jacket was from River Island. I have wanted one for so long because I think it's a great staple. I like the quilted cuffs and gold zip detail. Initially I wasn't sure about the faux fur collar but it has grown on me, particularly during the winter months. It is removable so I think I'll remove it for the spring and summer.

And finally I got these cute fairy lights! I've draped them on my head board and they fit in with my bedroom beautifully because they have pink and white beads entwined with them which makes them 10x prettier than my standard fairy lights!!

That's most of the main presents I got. I also got lots of sweets, chocolates, socks etc. but most of these have been eaten by now (not the socks of course!). I just wanted to say how grateful I am for everything I was given and didn't expect to be this lucky. I hope you all got lots of lovely gifts too and enjoyed Christmas 2014. I'll see you in the New Year, bring on 2015!!

Thanks for reading xxx