Saturday, 26 July 2014

A Birthday Dinner

Yesterday evening me and my friends went to Smith and Western to celebrate my friend Becca's 16th birthday!!
Smith and Western is a American, wild west themed restaurant. There are six restaurants in total across the south east of England. As you walk through the doors you are greeted with authentic ranch styled décor and memorabilia along with the cowboy waiters! It is such great fun, and perfect for families.
Having Soooo Much Fun ;)
There's a great selection on the menu from burgers and ribs to a whole Mexican section. We didn't actually have any starters but my families favourite is the onion ring stack- definitely for sharing! Yesterday I had the chicken fajitas. It's served with about six tortillas, a chicken, pepper and onion filling as well as salsa, sour cream, guacamole and cheese. This means you can have it just as you like it (I completely avoided the guacamole!).
Chicken Fajitas
As well as the main menu there is also a good drinks menu available. Some of the cocktails look great, but since I'm underage I can't actually say if they're any good. My mum seems to be a fan though!
My favourite thing about Smith and Western is that they do birthdays in style! Becca was presented with her Birthday Belly Buster, topped with fireworks! The birthday girl was crowned with a sparkly cowboy hat and the whole restaurant say happy birthday to her, accompanied by cowbells! But since we are such goods friends we couldn't make her eat the belly buster alone!
The Birthday Belly Buster

The Birthday Girl!!
The evening was so much fun. We talked for ages and caught up on everything we've missed since we've been on summer. Once we were completely stuffed we went back to Becca's for a sleepover, where the chatting continued of course!
Seeing as today is Becca's actual birthday I'd like to wish my bestest chum a very happy birthday! (although she won't see this until after!)


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