Saturday, 10 January 2015

50 Things in 2014

Today I'm doing another post reflecting on last year, so I wanted to list 50 different things I managed to do in 2014. Surprisingly it didn't take me too long! Any posts that are relevant to something on my list and linked.

From my school trip to London- a favourite!

  1. Went skiing yet again
  2. Began a 'Happy Moment a Day Journal' (last years new years resolution, lasted for nearly four months)
  3. Had my first ever Chinese takeaway!
  4. Went on a school trip to London (bit random)
  5. Saw Billy Elliot in the West End
  6. Completed my Junior Sports Leader Award
  7. Went to Poland
  8. Went to Hungary
  9. Turned 16!!
  10. Got my DSLR camera
  11. Wrote the school hockey teams initials in the wet concrete path (aren't we such rebels!)
  12. Completed my textiles coursework when I thought I never could
  13. I hosted a big Easter Egg Hunt for my friends- soon to be annual ;)
  14. Did SEVERAL English controlled assessment resits
  15. Completed my GCSEs
  16. Discovered Gossip Girl- have to thank my friend Molly for this one!
  17. Left my secondary school
  18. Had a post exam movie day
  19. Saw The Fault in Our Stars and got 10% of the way through the book :/
  20. Volunteered at my old primary school
  21. Went to Airhop
  22. Got Facebook?!
  23. Expanded my memory box to two...
  24. Learnt to surf
  25. Began playing senior hockey
  26. Started at my new school
  27. Started A Levels
  28. Began learning psychology
  29. Began learning law
  30. Saw War Horse in the West End
  31. Got Snapchat?!
  32. Went to Safe Drive Stay Alive
  33. Went to a law lecture
  34. Went to the National Theatre Bookshop
  35. Took thousands of pictures!!
  36. Became an elf
  37. Bought my Reading Festival ticket
  38. Saw the Christmas Lights in London
  39. Went to M&M World
  40. Went to a psychology conference
  41. Had a New Years Eve gathering
So there we go! 50 things I did in 2014, and hopefully I'll do even more fun and exciting things this year and I'll be sure to share everything on here :)

Thanks for reading xxx

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