Saturday, 17 January 2015

Girl Dilemma | Friendship

I've decided I want to start a little series discussing various issues that I have to deal with as do so many young people, particularly girls! So I will cover topics such as being perfect, boys, confidence and more. But to kick it off I'm going to start with friendship...
 "Many people will pass through your life but only true friends will leave footprints on your heart"

I'm blessed to have lots of gorgeous friends that really care about me and I treasure each and every one of them. When we're young our lives literally revolve around our friends, we don't have careers or families of our own getting in the way. What I've really noticed recently and what I want to focus on in this post is that so many people these days care so much about having lots of friends rather than a few good friends. In today's society I completely see why this is.

School encourages your status and popularity to become important so early on in life, before we've managed to develop and identify 'who we are', because we're forever told it's not what you know but in fact who you know. No matter what teachers tell you about your achievement all being based on the effort you put in, we all know of that girl's super successful dad who got his job because his uncle owned some big business ;) So in my opinion school is just like the Hunger Games where it's considered vital to gain the MOST and BEST allies in order to do well in this competition we call life. Sorry for the extreme analogy!!

But should this really be the case? Why should people grow up these days without knowing their true and close friends? Now I'm not saying this is the case for everyone, I for one know who my true friends are and only recently this has been tested. Before I've naively thought each of my friends would do absolutely anything for me, but unfortunately I have been proved wrong. This has shown me who genuinely cares. And from this I know who I really need in my life (in case you're wondering this is mainly due to the whole moving school scenario).

Some people that I now see less haven't made the effort to stay close and some that I see more have let me see a different side of them I hadn't recognised before. I must add I don't blame them for this because they haven't necessarily done something specifically wrong, these things just happen and have to be accepted!

I also don't want you to think I'm telling you not to have lots of friends- have as many friends as you'd like! I just want you to remember having a few close friends is so important because they will be there for you through anything, when perhaps your hundreds of other friends won't... And make sure when you know who these magnificent people are you show how much you care about them to ensure you keep hold of those precious gems <3

I'd like to end this post the way I started... with a quote. I remember Eamonn Holmes from This Morning saying this once and it's really stuck with me. It's reassuring and honestly has made sense of many dilemmas I've found myself in:

"You're oldest friends aren't necessarily your best friends, they just got there first"
Thanks for reading xxx

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