Sunday, 23 August 2015

The Product I Could Never Live Without...

I have lots of holy grail products that I use everyday and absolutely love. However there is just one product that I can't ever imagine going without- Nars' Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base.

To most people an eyeshadow primer tends to be an optional extra, however for those of you like me who have been blessed with oily eyelids (I know it sounds gross), it is an essential! Without primer I will be lucky if my eye makeup lasts longer than half an hour without creasing. But this primer is like a trusty best friend that has always got your back, it's never let me down.

To use the product I just swipe the doe-foot applicator across each of my eyelids and blend it all over and up to my brow bone using my finger. It is white with a mousse like texture but blends out to be clear. And straight on top I apply eyeshadow, you don't even really need to wait for it to dry. Just like that everything's set for god knows how long! For a guideline of how long it lasts- lets just say I've fallen asleep with my eye makeup on and woken up the next morning with it still nicely in place (don't judge)!

The packaging is just as sturdy as the stuff inside. Simple and sleek, the monochrome tube has a sort of rubbery finish which adds that bit of luxury. The pictures haven't picked it up, but mine is super grubby! So it doesn't stay white but that just shows how much I love it.

Now at £19.50 this isn't the cheapest option for an eyeshadow primer, but it's guaranteed to work. If you struggle making your eyeshadow last I recommend biting the bullet as it's really worth it. You need a tiny bit each use, and mine's lasted over a year with product still left in the tube. I tried loads of alternatives before turning to Nars: cream eyeshadow bases, drugstore primers, other high-end primers, but none of them did the job for me, so I first purchased this just before my prom!
So although an eyeshadow primer seems to be such an insignificant makeup item, I genuinely could never live without my Nars Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base.
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