Saturday, 18 July 2015

Cancer Research Pretty Muddy

In my Catch Up Post I mentioned that earlier this year my brother's girlfriend text me asking if I wanted to do Cancer Research's Pretty Muddy Run. Seeing as I've been desperate to complete a Tough Mudder for the past three years, I couldn't turn her down! So we signed up, set up our Just Giving page and began training...

When I say began training I went for A run :) When I was 12 I used to love cross country but I stopped because I didn't find time to do it. However now I genuinely feel like I've caught the bug again and plan to continue running.

Anyway so after having 'trained' the big day arrived and we trekked an hour away from where we live. We arrived at the park where it was being held to see a swarm of pink- what's not to love?! There were loads of different stalls set up and music blasting. We set up our picnic blanket, gave my brother a quick photography lesson and then headed off for a huge group warm up, army style!

So the run was 5K and had 10 obstacles including tunnels, tyres, cargo nets, hurdles, a giant climbing frame and more! Some were harder than others but all of them were so much fun and I was so proud that we completed the entire course and finished together.

When we finished we were given our dog tag medals along with so much needed water! And of course I used most of this to try and rinse of some mud before the journey home (by the way, it took me two showers to get rid of all the mud!!).

I want to thank Cancer Research for putting on such a brilliant event. It was so well organised and I really enjoyed the whole experience. If anyone would like to donate it would be really appreciated, as it's for a brilliant cause so we can all beat cancer sooner, no matter how much you are able to give. You can donate on my Just Giving Page.

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