Saturday, 25 April 2015

Hello Again...

Hello again...

Wow I haven't written a blog post in over 2 months! I sort of feel like I need to apologise, buuuut I'm not going to :) This was just meant to be a three-month-thing last summer and now I'm quickly approaching my little blog's first birthday *proud mum moment* and I'm amazed with what I've done to be honest! Although I'm not apologising I am going to explain ;)


Honestly these last couple of months have been a mess for me. The picture above pretty much sums up my current emotions. So much has happened and a lot is still going on. I have had family things going on that are out of my control, things going on amongst my friends (can we all relate?!) and of course I've been prepping for my AS exams that are coming up in just two weeks time- EEK!! Anyhow with all this on my plate I have not had the chance to post anything and I genuinely haven't felt the urge to do so either.

I've always been super organised when it comes to Just Jen (and in general, ngl). I have a word document with my schedule, planned posts, dates etc. but I haven't even touched that, so there's a good 10 blog posts that I had planned but never got round to :( Saying that makes me feel so sad. Writing this I remember just how much I love writing on this little space of mine and how therapeutic it is. I need this. I need Just Jen. No matter how cheesy it sounds I do!

Last week I had a complete break down. Everything became too much and I fell to pieces. I won't go into details because that REALLY isn't necessary, but I knew I wasn't happy. Admittedly the majority of my unhappiness is a result f the stress from my exams as I'm sure many of can appreciate. However I bet not neglecting my treasured blog would make me feel a million times better.

I'm not going to make promises or have any unrealistic expectations; I'm not going to be getting back into my schedule until after my exams, which will be at least the start of June. But when I'm done I will be back here, every week (touch wood ahaha). I'm going to create beautiful content that I can look back on and be so unbelievably proud of, rather than just throwing together a post because I need to get one up.

Right, now that I've finished emptying my heart and head onto the page, I guess I'll see you in just over a months time. And do you know what? I'm looking forward to it ;)

Thanks for reading xxx

P.S. Be selfish, something I've learnt recently. You need to put yourself first sometimes because:

a) not everyone who you put first will do the same for you and

b) you make your own happiness, only you can get what you want- no ones going to do it for you.

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