Saturday, 15 November 2014

Winter Must Haves

So we're half way through November and it's beginning to feel really wintery now. I actually have to wrap up warm when I leave the house!! I've got together some of my personal essentials for the winter months...


My first fashion staple for when it gets cold is any sort of scarf/snood. Other than being practical for keeping warm, they can really add to an outfit. At the moment I'm loving my Primark dark burgundy snood that I wore in my OOTN | Bonfire Night. In the picture it actually looks dark brown but I can assure you it is burgundy! I also have this same snood in grey and I do love it just as much! They're super snuggly and because it's Primark...super cheap!!

A good pair of boots is always needed this time of year and I got these from Next last year. They're so comfortable and can last me a whole day without hurting my feet. They've got the fur detail, leather straps and gold buckle details. They're quite chunky but you can easily fit some fluffy socks in them, which is often needed in England!

I love my newish parka coat that I got in my Back To School Haul. It keeps me warm and dry which has been tested on my walk to and from school! The hood is my favourite bit as it tucks me away from the wind and is far too cosy. Me and my friends have also discovered it can make a good blanket when the common room is really cold!


Okay so we all get the dreaded dry skin in the winter so The Body Shop Body Butter is perfect to tackle this. My favourite at the moment is the Ginger Sparkle, which is actually from their Christmas collection last year. I'm just finishing it up and then I'm planning to take a look at the new Christmas collection! When you first apply this I think it actually has quite a citrusy scent, but what I love is as you rub it into your skin you are hit with the warm smell of ginger- divine!!

You know about my issues with dry hands and I mentioned The Body Shop Coconut Hand Cream in my September Favourites. Like I said in my favourites this is the perfect size to fit into my pencil case and handbag so I carry it with me 24/7. It's essential if you're out in the cold and you've forgotten your gloves.

Alongside dry skin and dry hands, I also suffer from dry lips in the winter. The Nivea Soft Rose lip balm is my life saver because it's so creamy and moisturising. Now I do like the Maybelline Baby Lips however I don't find them as moisturising as this lip balm. So this lip balm accompanies my hand cream in my pencil case :)

And of course the winter trend that returns every year without fail... vampy lips! I love this trend because I think it looks so sophisticated. My favourite lipstick for a vampy lip is the ever so popular Rimmel Kate Moss Matte Lipstick in 107. It applies beautifully, is a stunning blue toned dark red and lasts wonderfully. I can't fault it.


Now after being out in the cold all day it's necessary to come home and pop on a onesie. This giraffe one is from Next and it is unbelievably soft! It is my favourite thing to wear at any time of the day and it's little hood is really cute!

Once I'm snuggled up in my onesie I can't resist lighting some candles. This one I got from Marks and Spencer, I was mainly attracted to the beautiful pot. It's worn, rose gold and I will definitely find a use for it after I've finished burning the candle- maybe a makeup brush holder? It smells really warm and Christmassy as it has a frankincense and myrrh scent, perfect for the winter time.

And last but by no means least, you can't have a cold winters day without enjoying a hot chocolate! This mug was a present from my friend as she knows how obsessed with Costa I am :) For a treat I like to have the Whittard Caramel Hot Chocolate and of course it has to be topped with whipped cream and marshmallows!!

So that's all of my winter must haves and after writing this I feel way too excited for Christmas. I can't wait!!!

Thanks for reading xxx

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